Tengu. What the hell is a Tengu?

The name of our studio pays homage to a creature coming from the ancient iconography of Japanese myths.
A Tengu in its oldest form is represented in the likeness of a raven with anthropomorphic traits (karasu tengu).
Patron of martial arts, the Tengu is as skilled in fighting as in mischief making, especially prone to play tricks on arrogant and vainglorious Buddhist monks and to punish those who willfully abuse knowledge and authority to gain fame or power, including braggart samurai warriors or bullies.

Sometimes we see tengus serve as mentors in the art of war and strategy for those human beings worthy of their teachings.

The Tengu live in colonies in the woods, on their trees.
They have different magical powers, including the ability to change shape and appearance, to speak without moving their mouths, to teleport from one place to another in the blink of an eye, and to appear in dreams.

logo_tengu_black_shapeThey can move without being seen or heard, according to legend it was a tengu to teach the secrets of fighting to the man who started the first peasant revolt against the shogunate, the first Ninjia.
In 1860, the Edo Government was posting official notices to the Tengu, asking them to temporarily move towards a certain mountain during a scheduled visit by the Shogun.

Tengus are extremely inquisitive and are very savvy about almost any subject.